06 November 2012

An Election Prediction

Anyone wanna make an election prediction?

Might as well. . .everyone else is doing it, right. . .

Here's the thing for me:  I hope Obama loses.  Unfortunately, that means that Romney must win.

The polls have been too heavily weighed with Dems.  The media have stayed away from B.O.'s Libyan disaster, protecting him from tough questions about his incompetence.  Or, if the conspiracy theorists are right, protecting him from his complicity.  Unfortunately, for B.O. and the media, the story is out.

B.O. has no record to run on. His "successes" are almost universally unpopular.

His attacks on the Church have backfired with just about everyone but his most ardent acolytes.

The economy is a wreck. The government response to Hurricane Sandy is a tragic embarrassment to anyone who thinks Big Gov't Solves All Problems. 

His campaign has been a study in petulant entitlement--how dare you peons make me go this election-thing again?  Do you know who I am?!  The 2012 campaign has been a narcissistic wound for B.O. and just about every campaign stop has been a tantrum.

My prediction:  Mitt Romney by a very comfortable margin.  

Caveat:  ultimately, it doesn't matter to me who wins.  My first allegiance is to Christ and his Church. I put no trust in princes except the Prince of Peace.

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  1. Ah, but the reason I voted for Romney is because Romney doesn't think that he is the Prince of Peace. Obama, on the other hand, has a Messiah complex.

  2. I pray that Romney wins, just so the Church doesn't have to go through all the red-tape or possible closure of facilities to appease Obamacare. My personal vote is for Ron Paul. Don't worry I'm in Kansas so I won't swing the election.

  3. Scott W.10:25 AM

    I didn't vote for either, but I predict Romney landslide on a Reagan/Carter scale.