28 September 2012

Prayer request

Please pray for Fr. Aaron Arce, OP.  

Fra. Aaron has been battling bone cancer for the last two years.  Just recently, we discovered that the cancer has spread well beyond the ability of his doctors to treat him.

And we received word this evening that he will be entering hospice care very soon.  

Fra. Aaron was the prior of my novice community in San Antonio.  He moved with our class to St Louis as serve as assistant student master.  When I arrived in Irving as a newly ordained priest, fra. Aaron was the prior of our new novitiate community for three years and returned to STL in 2008 to live with our student brothers.  He's been ministering to St Andrew's parish in STL.

Fra. Aaron has a bizarre sense of humor.  He regularly regaled us in the studium with stories of his first few years as a priest in the late 70's and early 80's.  He is renowned in the province for his hilarious (though never irreverent) parodies of traditional Latin hymns.

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  1. GirlCanChant9:23 PM

    Just added Fr. Aaron to my prayer list.

  2. Prayers sent, and will add him to my daily intentions as well.

  3. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Prayers said. Missed it for my early morning Rosary, but will remember tomorrow...

  4. fr. Dismas, OP11:09 PM

    Praying, of course!