29 September 2012

Fr. Aaron Arce (pic)

Fr. Aaron Arce, OP with several student brothers: fras. Vincent, Luke, 
Juan (standing), and Cristobol.

Please pray for fra. Aaron!


  1. Adding Fr. Aaron to my prayer list - first new him from his days at the Newman ctr at the University of New Mexico. (he was there with Fr. Tony Romero, two wonderful Dominicans).

  2. Anonymous5:47 PM

    I knew Aaron very briefly during a very unpleasant one month stint at a very unwelcoming St Rose Priory in Dubuque, when I was finishing my doctorate in the late 70's. I remember him chiefly through the late Fr James Cornelius Hahn's bantering and kidding with him. Back then Aaron apparently had a somewhat theatrically mournful sense of himself as the hapless victim of fate. Cornelius smelled the blood in the water and in the immemorial style of Dominican men in community, both played with and needled him over it.*

    Cornelius, who became a great friend, died in 2008 and now Aaron, far too soon, will be following him. I am sure they will continue to banter in Heaven. I hope that his passing will be peaceful, with as little pain as possible.

    *When I got to know him better, I once took Cornelius aside to pour out my own theatrically mournful troubles to him. He listened attentively and when I was finished, reached over to me, put his hand on my arm and said,"Brother... nobody cares." I laugh every time I remember that moment of true fraternal charity.