26 September 2012

A small box with a BIG surprise!

Just opened a box from Summit, NJ. . .something about Soap on the return address label. . .

(sniffing suspiciously). . .nothing, no scent.  Hmmmmmm. . .

Unscented soap maybe.  Maybe a box set of that 70's soap opera parody, Soap?

Lots of packing peanuts all over the floor.  

Wait.  A booklet?  Something by some guy named Louie de Monfort.  And a whole bunch of pamphlets urging me to test my vocation as a nun!

There's a big wad of what looks like wooden pebbles at the bottom of the box. . .


It's a 20 decade, corded rosary with wooden beads!  YEA!

The awesome Dominican Nuns of Summit, NJ made a new habit rosary for me.

Thanks, Sisters.  I was having a bad day 'til about three minutes ago.  As the kids say these days, "You Rock!"


No, no.  I'm not crying.  One of those packing peanuts hit me in the eye.

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  1. *20* decades? You're not givin' in to dem newfangled mysteries, are ya?

  2. Pictures please.

    1. I knew someone was going to demand pics. . .so, I've been recharging my camera. :-)