20 June 2012

Wed Fat Report


326lbs.  No loss, no gain.

I'm stuck.  Guess I'm gonna have to cut that before bed Ice Cream Cake snack.  Drats!

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  1. Natstelle5:48 PM

    Loosing weight is hard! Sometimes waiting to see effects is like waiting on God's whisper. If we remain steady we can be sure something is working out of sight. Sometimes the body needs time to adjust before releasing more reserves. I'm in this boat with you! I'm 40, 6 kids, 7 pregnancies, a newly diagnosed thyroid issue and I'm addicted to sugar. I'll pray for you - pray for me ?

  2. Instead of deleting it from you diet, move it back a couple of hours in the evening, and go for a short walk afterwards? Eating anything that close, especially sugary products, to bed is not the best of ideas anyway!

    Friar Don, OBR

    1. fra Don, I was kidding. . .generally, I have my portion of sweets ay lunch. :-)