21 June 2012

Religious liberty IS under attack. . .

So, you think religious liberty isn't under attack.  Here are six cases that might change your mind:

1) EEOC – The Ministerial Exemption
[. . .] "We might expect that the EEOC would side with the employee. But the Solicitor General of the United States argued that churches had no more rights in cases like this than would a labor union or a social club.”  B.O. wants to be your bishop so he can decide who's fit to be your pastor.  Catholic progs supported his strategy b/c they saw if as an opportunity to force the Church to "ordain" women.
2) NLRB – Collective Bargaining Exemption
[. . .] College teachers and students live in an environment of academic freedom. Students don’t have to attend mass. Schools may hire non-Catholic faculty. Boards of trustees are dominated by lay people, not clergy and members of religious orders. This openness “means (to the NLRB) that these institutions should be subject to regulation. So, if the Church-related institutions were decide to hire only practicing Catholics, she'd be sued for employment discrimination.  But b/c these institutions hire non-Catholics, she's subject to Mammon.
 3) The HHS Mandate.
The mandate would, of course, force Catholic colleges and universities to provide coverage for surgical sterilizations and all FDA approved contraceptives (including those that may induce abortions early in pregnancy) [. . .] All about getting Christians out of health care.  Mammon doesn't like competition.
4) Conscience Protections
In 2008 HHS issued a rule to protect doctors and hospitals that counsel pregnant women from being sued for not presenting abortion as a medical alternative. Last spring HHS repealed the regulation putting doctors at risk for not counseling abortions.  Why?  Because abortion is the Most Holy Sacrament of the Left.
5) HHS – Human Trafficking
The National Human Trafficking Victim Assistance Program now asks participating organizations to provide the “full range of reproductive services” to trafficking victims and unaccompanied minors in its cooperative agreements and government contracts, thus ruling out the USCCB’s Migration and Refugee Services [. . .] B.O. will not help the Church fight slavery unless the Church pays for abortions!
6) D.C. City Council – Gay “Marriage”
When the District of Columbia began considering a same-sex “marriage” law in November 2009, the Archdiocese of Washington asked for an exemption from rules that would force it to support gay “marriage” by doing such things as paying spousal insurance benefits and placing foster children with same-sex couples. The City Council refused.  [. . .] Why?  Because same-sex "marriage" isn't about equality; it's about forcing the Church out of the public square and public service.  UPDATE:  told ya.
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1 comment:

  1. Thank you, Father. This is a very helpful list. I fully agree that abortion is the most unholy sacrament of the left. It is the one thing they will not part with.

    I will pray for you.