22 June 2012

Dominican friars spotted in the wild!

Two pics from the Corpus Christi Mass and procession in Rome:

Above:  Rev. Frs. Alan Moran, OP (Eastern Province, USA) and Michael Monshau, OP (Central Province, USA). Fr. Moran teaches social science at the Angelicum and Fr. Monshau teaches theology.

Above:  Rev. Frs. Walter Senner, OP (Province of Teutonia) and Dominic Holtz, OP (Central Province, USA).  Both friars teach philosophy at the Angelicum.  These two are probably among a couple of dozen of folks in the world who can actually read Thomas Aquinas' chicken scratch Latin manuscripts!

Pic credits:  Province of St. Joseph (Eastern, USA)

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1 comment:

  1. Hey! I could've taken that photo!
    First time I've been in Rome for Corpus Christi - it was neat!