14 June 2012

Wed Fat Report (Octave)

Weighed yesterday and forgot (again) to post the Wednesday Fat Report. . .

After a week of being held down and force-fed by those Wiry but Surprisingly Strong Summit Dominican Nuns. . .I figured I'd be back up to 338lbs.

Apparently, struggling against one's Culinary Oppressors burns a lot of calories because. . .

[drum roll, please. . .]

The scale read:  326lbs!  Nothing lost, nothing gained.


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  1. At my peak I weigh about 210, I went down to 135 by eating no fat, no dairy and tons of fresh fruit and vegitables and lean meats like turkey and tuna. That in addition to exercise did the trick.

    I was surprised at how eating less and excersing more produced such dramatic results and realized it's actually pretty easy if you make a decision about what you want.

  2. We kept telling you that our food didn't have any calories! :-)