15 June 2012

CHA strips B.O. of his Catholic fig leaf

Sr. Keehan of the Catholic Hospital Association has sent B.O. a letter withdrawing her organization's support for his attempt to use "women's healthcare" as cover for defining religious liberty out of existence.

B.O. used CHA's support for this "condom mandate" to divide Catholics from their bishops.

Now, that cover is gone.  Should we hold our breath waiting for the LCWR, Network, and the NCR to see reason and support the faith?

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  1. Anonymous11:33 PM

    the dissident supporters for obamacare are dropping like dominoes, First Notre Dame steps up and joins the lawsuit, now the CHA withdraws support and as for the LCWR? whatever their stance, their ability to make a public statement has been essentially neutralized. NCR is already struggling from within when you consider the editorial by Michael Sean Winters, I do not know enough about network though the say where they are heading in all this but the fractures in the facade of "Catholic" support for the mandate are showing up and it will not hold together for long. The bad news is the damage they have caused have been done to get the thing passed. the good news, perhaps a few of them could follow Notre Dame's lead from out under the bus to make up for what's been done. One could always pray so.

  2. >for defining religious liberty out of existence.

    AHAHAHAH! YES! If insurance companies pay for pills you will all be forced into atheism!

    Reality, it just confuses the heck out of you doesn't it?

    1. NB...There is not be no troll feeding on the blog. That is all.