02 May 2012

No homily?

Why no homily posted this morning, Father?

Well, you see. . .Fr. Mike and I trade off the two daily Masses on a weekly basis.  This week I'm scheduled to celebrate the 5.30pm Masses. . .except for today.  

I didn't look at the schedule.  So, about 8.20 this morning, my phone rings and its the sacristan wanting to know if I knew that I had the 8.30am Mass.  I didn't.  

The upshot is that I had to ad-lib a homily on just one cup of coffee!  YIKES!  

No one threw a missalette at me, so I guess it wasn't horrible.

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  1. Well done Father! Not an easy thing to do ... and I speak from experience! I got pulled out of the pew in a church I was in as a visitor one Sunday & was asked to take the service because there had been a scheduling error & no one showed up!

    Of course, everyone there knew I hadn't had a chance to prepare, so I got abundant (& much undeserved) praise for even attempting a sermon!

    1. Fr Levi, you will never find a Dominican who doesn't have something to say!

  2. Anonymous9:26 PM

    Do you have nightmares about that kind of thing?

    I still get the "I forgot I signed up for that class and now I need to go take the final" nightmare or less frequently "I forgot I was assigned to teach that class and it starts in 5 minutes" nightmare. I've been out of academia for 13 years.


    1. I still have the I'm an Undergraduate and Forgot That I Had a Class and Now It's Time the Final Dream.

      Also, I occasionally have the I'm Late for Mass and Can't Find the Right Vestments and the Missal is in a Foreign Language Dream. I wake up sweating from that one!