05 May 2012

Coffee Cup Browsing

Anti-bullying activist bullies Christian students with obscene insults.  Scratch a self-anointed "victim" and you get a tyrant.  Every. Single. Time.

Hysterical anti-Catholic Catholic Dowd claims that the Church is hunting women.  Pieces like this are designed to whip up the base and make the topic at hand untouchable for the opposition.

Because their Suicidal Allegiance to the Zeitgeist has proven so fruitful. . .

"Diversity sensitivity training" promotes prejudice.  No. 2 is particularly important.  I call these folks The Hoping to be Offended.

Only the "right-wing" can be terrorists. . .the Southern Poverty Law Center sold its soul to the Left years ago.

The ravages of Spirit of Vatican Two Butterflies & Rainbows catechesis. . .

"Giving scandal" doesn't mean what you think it means. . .Shea is pretty smart, especially when he agrees with me.

The USCCB is muddying the waters in its fight for religious freedom.

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1 comment:

  1. ModerateRealist12:14 AM

    With your post about arrogant harridan Maureen Dowd (Exhibit A on why the 19th Amendment should be repealed) and about US Catholic Bishops, who seem to feel competent to pontificate (sic) on issues in direct proportion to their lack of qualifications, I am reminded of John Cassian's advice to monks, to "flee women and bishops".