12 April 2012

Surprise. . .

A box of books from the Wish List arrived yesterday. . .WooHoo!!

There was no shipping invoice, so my Kind and Generous Benefactor will remain anonymous. . .to me, at least. 

Nonetheless, my prayers on your behalf will be properly credited to you in Heaven!

Also, a Thank You to Jason S. for the Kindle Book. . .I started reading it last night. . .good stuff!  You'd really be amazed at how many novels about ancient Rome there are.

God bless, Fr. Philip Neri, OP

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  1. Wendee11:25 AM

    Dear Father,

    My son loves history and loves to read about Rome. He is 14. I worry about what books to get him. I'm not an avid reader and can't read everything before. Can I ask you which book on your kindle list would be good for him to read? Sometimes I get a book (novel) and think it will be innocent and there is some sort of romance in it. He doesn't need that and would love a good "manly" book about Rome.

    Thanks for your help.

  2. Wendee. . .all the Rome books I've read have had a few racy parts. . .nothing obscene but probably more than you would want for your son.

    Has he read the Narnia series? Lord of the Rings? Those are great.

    Look at amazon under "Historical Fiction" and see if they have a teen section.

  3. Anonymous9:14 PM

    Eagle of the Ninth is excellent. She wrote other books set before it and after it about the same family but never the same characters.

    Mystery of the Roman Ransom and Detectives and Togas (or maybe they're the other way around - our copies fell apart). But he's old for them - I'd say 10 years old would be ideal.

    Osprey Publisher's military history books.

    NOT Colleen McCullough's First Man in Rome series. Excellent books, but my young teenager is not yet allowed to read them either.


  4. Anonymous6:30 PM

    I thought of something else.

    Ides of April
    The Desert Gate

    Books 2 and 4 (the only I've read) of Mary Ray's Roman Empire Sequence. Ides is set in Rome; the Desert Gate in Judea about 70 AD.