12 April 2012

Book Recs for Teen Boys

Wendee wrote to ask about any book recommendations I might have for her 14 y.o. son who loves history.  

A search on Amazon turned up some likely candidates, so I thought I'd post the link here for any other parents or kids who might be looking for something good to read. . .

Turn of the Century Boys' Adventure Books (it's not likely that these will have any offensive or age-inappropriate scenes in them)

C.S. Lewis' Space Triology

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  1. Anonymous9:07 PM

    Actually I've seen warnings that some of the G.A. Henty books deal with Protestant/Catholic matters from a Protestant viewpoint. We haven't actually gotten to any so I can't say.

    We homeschool and I get history and historical fiction books from

    Emmanuel books (Catholic) covers the Mother of Divine Grace syllabi

    Sonlight (evangelical Christian) - it's usually easy to identify the protestant missionary stories in the catalog to skip in favor of saint's biographies. Read-aloud books may for younger kids MAY include topics that need to be discussed - that's why some are read alouds, not readers.(some do, some don't; instructor's guides come with notes warning you)

    Veritas Press (reformed/ Calvinistic). They carry a kid's bio of St. Augustine whose prologue actually claims he should NOT be considered Catholic! But I've found some great books there.

    Susan Wise Bauer's Well-Trained Mind recommendations. I think some were in the book itself and some in the activity guides for Story of the World. She's writing History of the World, 4 corresponding volumes for high school/adult.

    For younger kids: WinterPromise. (evangelical Christian). More nonfiction than Sonlight which tends toward historical fiction.

    Our own bookshelves. I don't know if you can have too many books, but you can have more books than available wall space for shelves.


  2. Check out the first 2 books of "The Young Chesterton Chronicles" By John McNichol. Author's Website http://youngchestertonchronicles.com/ First book "The Tripods Attack" http://youngchestertonchronicles.com/ and Second Book "The Emperor of North America" http://youngchestertonchronicles.com/

    Also John is soon to release "The King's Gambit" another teen boy oriented novel.

  3. Emmett3:14 PM

    I'm glad Chesterton has been mentioned. Belloc is also very good. In particular, his How the Reformation Happened might be of interest for a young man interested in history.

    The works of J.R.R. Tolkien are also very good, as they almost take the form of a real quasi-mythical history.