10 April 2012

Coffee Cup Browsing

Stations of the Cross at the Colosseum in Rome. . .meditations written by the founders of the Focolare Movement. Save these for next year. . .

Academic Crimethink. . .this is how I became a Marxist-feminist lit theory robot in the 90's.  This sort of thing happens in schools of theology as well.

Faith & Riches. . .to put it bluntly:  believers are going to out-breed unbelievers.

Replicating NBC's "editing mistake" shows that it was no mistake.

Good question, actually:  why aren't the bounty-hunting Black Panthers not under arrest? 

Cowardly Dawkins won't debate professional Christian philosophers. . .nor will he speak (unopposed) on a Catholic radio show.  We need better atheists!

Oh, what a difference five yrs. makes in the "anti-war" movement.  The occupant of the White House seems to matter a great deal as well.

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  1. Dawkins probably doesn't want to waste his time. Here he is debating Cardinal Pell. If you can't access the link, then google "Cardinal Pell debate Dawkins."

  2. Thanks for the link to Weissberg on Crimethink. In these days of Travyon/Zimmerman and Derbyshire, it is easy to be let Big Brother decide what you even allow yourself to think.

    You know, it has often been a critique of Catholic sexual teaching that it is too idealistic, not taking into account the realities of human eros. I have to say, and you'd likely disagree, there is some truth to that.

    But that untethered idealism is nothing compared to the Church's newly hatched Social Justice Doctrines. Be it about economics or ethnicity and immigration, I sometimes think it was cooked up in the Laputa School of Theology.

  3. Faith, it is a waste of time to "debate" Dawkins. He's freely admitted on many public occasions that he knows nothing about theology or philosophy. And it shows in his lectures and books. He only debates clerics b/c he knows that these guys will no credibility among his sheep.

  4. US, one of the things I love about our Catholic sexual ethics is its idealism. Too often western folks lower their standards to meet their basest inclinations and call this freedom. "Failing to hit the mark" is a Christian reality that should never keep us from upholding the ideal.