15 April 2012

The New Evangelization will be blogged!

I second/third/fourth that call!

My own Order has been urging the friars since the early 2000's to put social media and other internet resources to work for the Gospel, so such a conference would be welcomed.

The New Evangelization will be blogged!

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  1. I fifth the call--Motion passed and accepted.
    I'm surprised that the Order has encouraged internet work because I have found it to be the opposite. What is needed is more friars with blogs like yours. Opinions on social events, politics, movies, books, food--all with a Catholic eye posted on blogs. In my province, I don't think there's one friar that does this. A GROUP of student brothers have a site. There they post their well researched papers and homilies--although good, not the same. I like to read the Franciscan novices journey to final profession http://newsandals.blogspot.com/ like Br. Matt's. Or Brother Charles' http://friarminor.blogspot.com/

    I don't see any of this in my province. In fact, when the current and former Promoter of the Laity were given new positions, the first thing they did was get off Facebook? I don't get it. They are handed a plate upon which to preach, and they walk away?

  2. Faith, I know what you mean. . .

    Religious/priests of a Certain Generation don't like the blogosphere b/c they see it as a wasteful rumor mill and potentially a source of uncontrollable news.

    They've bought into the notion that social media and blogs are frivolous and dangerous. Basically, they do not trust what they can't control/manage.