18 April 2012

CDF to LCWR: "serious doctrinal problems" (Updated)

The doctrinal assessment of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious has produced some interesting fruit. . .

Frankly, I'm a little shocked that the report was made public and even more shocked that the CDF is actually Doing Something about the LCWR.  I figured the whole thing would end up being the curial equivalent of a severe finger-wagging.

But. . .the assessment and recommendations actually have some teeth

I can't imagine that this document is being well-received among the LCWR glitterati.  Expect much gnashing of teeth, rending of garments, and throwing of ashes.

UPDATE:  Meet the keynote speaker at this year's LCWR assembly.   If you can stomach it, check out "conscious evolution."  Yes, this is the stuff the leaders of our women religious are learning. 

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  1. "If you can stomach it, check out "conscious evolution."

    I gave it my best shot. Got to hand it to her, when she shovels it she uses both hands.

  2. "If you can stomach it, check out "conscious evolution."

    I recognize the writing style immediately. It must be from the Post-modern essay generator:

    Which can produce scholarly sounding essays. It's not supposed to actually mean anything.

    On second though, their version of the essay generator must need some work. The essays they generate aren't nearly as coherent as the ones produced by the above essay generator.

  3. Anonymous4:26 AM

    Barf Bag Alert!!!!!

    Maximum weirdness!


  4. I read down as far as the far as the word NOOSPHERE. There's no point going on after that.

  5. ModerateRealist11:24 AM

    A lot of commentors around the Web accuse Rome and the bishops of hypocrisy because of their catastrophic handling of the clergy sex abuse mess. No doubt they failed bigtime there and gave the Church's enemies a freebie that keeps on giving. But what a lot of people don't understand is that, despite its big moral code, Catholicism --if I may speak of it as a mythic organism-- cares a lot more about doctrine and sacraments than about human bad behavior. Bad behavior is a constant. But perhaps precisely because of this, Catholic identity --same for the Orthodox-- is rooted in dogma and in sacraments, which means the centrality of a doctrinally and sacrally empowered priesthood. The Church authorities will always take this more seriously than bad behavior. If you don't accept that, then sooner or later you'll be a Protestant, either overtly or covertly. All that blather about The People of God --which usually sounds like Thirty of the Good Folks Of St. Finbar's Parish-- is public relations.

  6. @ModerateRealist:

    That says what I've been trying to say for years, succinctly, clearly and accurately. Thanks.

    @Father: Re: Rending Garments

    I heard it's really difficult to rend polyester :)