17 April 2012

Gratitude. . .

My thanks to Wendee for the Kindle Book!  

And more thanks to the anonymous benefactor who sent me the Ratzinger and Bouyer books!

I've already started the Holy Father's book on dogma and preaching. . .a forbidden topic among Dominican preachers.

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  1. a forbidden topic among Dominican preachers.

    Care to elaborate?

  2. Well, it's not officially/formally forbidden but the notion of "doctrinal preaching" is considered so "pre-Vatican Two." I didn't even hear the phrase until 2007 and even then it was in the context of disparagement.

  3. You're welcome. I didn't mean for the books to be anonymous. I guess I don't have the Amazon thing fully understood.

  4. Ben, thanks again! The left side of the invoice was cut off. . .