19 March 2012

Flaming clowning and a little dog too. . .

I'm a big fan of smelling good!  My cologne collection is very modest but stocked with reasonably high quality scents.  Below is a commercial for AXE Body Spray.  Never smelled the stuff. . .and don't plan to.  But the ad is pretty funny.

Got a laugh out of the flaming clown and the little dog.  :-)

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  1. Cathy D12:24 PM

    This is enormously popular with my kids. In the mornings it suddenly becomes very "Axe-y" as the boys are getting ready for school.
    So far no anarchy has been reported....

  2. Cathy, splurge and get some decent cologne to wear! If you need any suggestions, let me know. That AXE stuff is awful.

  3. Just hope no gays have seen this or they will be screaming discrimination