19 March 2012

By the numbers: Fat Report and Page Views

Hmmmmm. . .looks like I gained four pounds.  This doesn't sound right.  I've gone down a notch on my habit belt.  Maybe the last weigh-in was a fluke.  Oh well.

Happier number:   1,003,833.   That's the number of page views for HancAquam since Feb. of 2006.  HA averages 557 page views a day. 

Thanks for reading!

Fr. Philip

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  1. Fr. Phillip,

    Weight loss is good training in detachment. For it to be successful in the long term, you must make a plan, stick to the plan and log the progress/results. Notice that one of the steps is not to give weight (pun intended) to each value logged. The more you can detach from the desire for positive feedback, stay faithful to the plan and be consistent in your efforts, the better chance you have of ultimate success. I did not say immediate success. Ultimate success.

    How much is this like our journey to heaven. We must detach ourselves from "good" or "bad" feelings. Our faith is not about feelings but about our obedience to God. We have a plan (the Church gives us that) and we are asked to be consistent in our efforts. We "log" our results (examination of conscience) but should not dwell on any one success or failure so as not to be derailed in the long term goal.

    Fr. Philip, you are to be commended for publicly taking on such a task (weight loss). Know that you have my full support in prayer. Oh, and you're blog is pretty good too. I'm just sayin'.

    God bless,

    Greg Keuter