22 March 2012

Coffee Cup Browsing

His frustration with the bishops is understandable. . .but his rhetoric and understanding of canon law are deeply flawed.  

Boys castrated in Dutch Catholic psych wards in the '50's.  This sounds like the sort of thing that trendy scientific "thinkers" of the progressive-wing would do.  Orthodox Catholics know better.

Update:  Yup.  Turns out that those castrating shrinks in the Netherlands were just "following orders" from the All Benevolent State, specifically a mandate to castrate sex offenders.  

Occu-Idiots:  No Chores Strike on May 1st.  Looking at the recent pics of Occupy herding, I'd say not one of them as ever done a chore.  Much less held a real job.

Wow. . .yet another 9-0 Supreme Court Smackdown for B.O.  Maybe appointing all those political hacks to the ranks of the DOJ is turning out to be a really bad idea, uh?

Only the minds of a public service union could come up with something this twisted.

Decades of socialist dreaming and cradle to grave welfare have destroyed Italy's future.

Outrageous salaries for archdiocesan bureaucrats. 

What is going on in China?  Tanks in the street, a reported military coup in Shanghai, ousters of Party officials. 

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  1. Talk about outrageous salaries.
    Episcopal rector (and CEO)of Trinity Church
    in NY makes over $1 million a year...


  2. Re: Volunteering If someone volunteers to do something for nothing, then why pay someone to do it? Look at it from the eyes of the employee--"your volunteering is taking food out of my family's mouth."

  3. Faith, if that were true, I'd sympathize with the union; however, I doubt very seriously that the overpaid/overbenefited union teachers are suffering unduly b/c parents voluteer.