25 February 2012

Coffee Cup Browsing

Turning the Crystal Cathedral into a real cathedral?  I say:  raze it and start over.  

No, you do not have to confess missing Mass on Ash Wednesday

Anti-Catholic bigotry in the MSM:  a roundup.

Say the Black, Do the Red:  priest fired for his obstinate clericalism.

Pelosi says that the Church wants the feds to enforce a contraception ban.  Where's Thomas a Becket when you need him?

An Irish Lenten tradition. . .as only the Irish can do it.

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  1. Anonymous5:00 PM

    I second the motion to raze the Crystal cathedral--a starker and uglier building I've never seen. Nothing inspiring about it. I think the folks in the Diocese of LA have lost their minds.

  2. re. 'Irish Lenten tradition'
    Groan! That is such an old joke!
    Still, it's good to smile in Lent.