17 February 2012

Coffee Cup Browsing

Believers are happier than non-believers.  Duh.

A must-see-for-me summer movie. . .Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.   I suggest for fall/winter release. . .Ronald Reagan:  Lefty Zombie Hunter!

It's OK to force a high school choir to sing Muslim worship song. . .imagine if that same high school forced the choir to sing, "Amazing Grace" or "Salve Regina."  How did we get here, people???

Poor Ole Jimmy Carter continues to embarrass himself and his Democrat friends.

White House lies about Catholic Charities' support for B.O. anti-Catholic powergrab.

Bishop thrown out of a bar after giving a Theology on Tap talk.  Note the hypocrisy mentioned in the post.

Planned Parenthood angry after local food pantry rejects their donations.  Expect more of this sort of thing.  Oh, and click the link in the post and send the pantry your support.

A kid with no sense of humor. . .he'll do well on the Internetz comboxes.


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  1. Cathy D11:31 AM

    The public school where my kids attended K-8 regularly included Mass settings and other religious music in their choirs' performances.

    Mass parts were all in Latin.

  2. In re Planned Parenthood and the Pantry: why did PP even need the Pantry to know that the donation came from PP? If all they really wanted to do was make a donation, they could have just made it anonymously. That they didn't shows they cared about something other than helping the poor. Good for the Pantry.

  3. Anita, PP's "donation" had nothing to do with charity. . .it was a set-up, a PR set-up to compliment BO's/Dem's spin on his powergrab, i.e., The Church Hates Women.

  4. fr. Dismas OP4:00 PM

    Re: The kid with no sense of humor -- one of my earliest memories is of my uncle doing that to me, and my reaction being very similar!

    Re: Planned Parenthood. I'll be happy to donate to them my "Abortion kills!" notepads.

  5. GirlCanChant4:23 PM

    I've also found that it is mostly the public schools that perform beautiful complicated Mass settings and other religious pieces. I'm guessing this is because they have better budgets, and probably (sadly) more highly qualified teachers.

    As for Abraham Lincoln being a vampire hunter, I read the book and just saw the trailer. Cannot wait!