15 February 2012

American Flu vs. Italian Vaccine

Apologies for the low-key blogging. . .I started getting sick yesterday.  The flu, I think.  I got a flu shot in Rome back in Dec., but it's possible that these American bugs aren't afraid of Italian anti-bugs.

I'm recycling a homily for the 5.30pm Mass. . .

Going back to bed.  Yughhhh. . .

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  1. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Back in the 70's I was sent from America to Rome for seminary by my Order. The last thing the Provincial told me was, "If you ever get really sick and they send an ambulance, tell them to take you to the airport, not the hospital, and come back home!"

  2. Lois in Indy7:59 PM

    Praying for you Father. Being sick and having work that must be done is miserable. God Bless You. Lois