24 August 2011

Shout out

Mama Becky told me that HancAquam has a fan working with her at the local bank and that I should say hello to her next time I am blogging. . .so, here's a HA Shout Out to:

Bubba Sue!

Is that a Mississippi name or what?  :-)   It just sounds like fried catfish and pecan pie. . .

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  1. You made my day!

    Bubba Sue

  2. What is a squirrel retreat and how was it? Were the squirrels friendly? Were you camping? Do Dominicans use white tents?

  3. Bubba Sue, glad I could!

    BPG, the closest I get to squirrels in MS in Aug is to watch them from the A/C'ed comfort of my parents' kitchen window. The whole "Squirrel Retreat" thing started back when I first went off to Rome. . .I joked that there wasn't much to do in MS expect read to the squirrels.

  4. It's certainly easier than reading to raccoons. Deer are impossible to read to, they just run away.