24 August 2011

Coffee Cup Browsing (Better Late Than Never Edition)

Frugality during a recession is for the Little People, i.e. NOT for Michelle and B.O.   Note well:  we have to get this info from a Brit newspaper.

This is what the U.K. has come to. . .according to the moonbats in the U.K., if you join a group of neighbors to help clean up the streets after a riot, you're "scum."  What's moonbattier than a moonbat?

"Tattooed gargoyles raised on antisocial entertainment, instant gratification, socialist dogma and empty materialism."  OUCH!

Italy getting her financial house in order?  I predict more riots/strikes.  Maybe I should just stay in the U.S.  Of course, I've always wanted to witness a riot first hand.

Heh.  The Dems have chosen to hold their 2012 convention in a Right to Work state, S. Carolina.  National unions are balking.  Of course, the unions have no where else to go politically, so let them whine.

Actual political violence vs. the Imaginary Violence of Lefty's Getting Their Feelings Hurt.

Earthquake rattles D.C.  Is Jesus trying to tell us something? 

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  1. Fr Joseph Mack6:38 AM

    A bit of a correction on the Democratic Convention 2012 site - Charlotte is North, not South Carolina (although I would not mind at all if they were to hold it someplace else -like off planet.

  2. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Father, you're entitled to your political opinions but must you constantly attack our President? What about praying for him and his family instead of criticizing him? I cringe at the example you set.

  3. I pray for B.O. every day. But my obligation to pray for him doesn't mean that I pretend his policies are not destroying our country.

  4. Anonymous1:27 PM

    I'm sorry that I judged you Father. Still, I perceive the tone in which you mention the President and his wife jeering and derogatory. Given the state of race relations and the constant attacks on the President (whether his policies are sound or not) in this country I have a hard time when I hear a priest use the same type of tone that other less tolerant people use when discussing the Obamas.

    Feel free not to publish this comment, I just wanted to let you know where my anger and hurt at your tone and comments come from. I've enjoyed your blog but I believe it's time for me to stop reading.

  5. Anon., my disagreements with BO are political. . .I couldn't care less about the color of his skin.

  6. OK. . .something happened with the rest of my previous comment. . .

    Anyway. . .I hear you loud and clear, Anon. You don't care for my tone. You hear it as snarky, disrespectful, etc. And you are entitled to hear it that way.

    I've said many, many times before that nothing in my OP vows nor in my ordination vows requires me to be a milquetoast fence-sitter when it comes to the political culture of my country. One of the great political crimes perpetuated against Christians in the US is convincing us that our ministers are required to be these wet, mealy-mouthed, hand-wringers when it comes to politics. Profession and ordination did not magically strip me of my US citizenship.

    Stop reading HA if you think you need to. . .I can almost promise you that I will not stop pointing out the foibles of those who dare to think that they rule us!