15 September 2011

Coffee Cup Browsing

Facts Under Construction. . .the latest paranoid theater piece from the B.O. campaign.  LOL!

Dem Congressman:  "You don't deserve to keep all of [your money]. . ."  Now there's a campaign slogan if I've ever heard one.  Definition of "gaffe"?  When a politician tells the truth.

A Confederate flying machine?  Too late to save the South during the War of Northern Aggression.

Hate crimes against Christians on the rise in Europe. 

The Holy See says the SSPX must accept the teachings of Vatican 2 if they want to rejoin the Church.  I wish the Vatican would say this to our more "progressive" brothers and sisters!

Abortion stats for NYC:  60% of black babies aborted.

Does the science of evolution debunk the faith?  Short answer:  No.  Nor can it.

My new favorite site:  Lifehacker.  Along the same lines:  Instructables.

Two B.O. appointed federal appeals court judges get the dates wrong.  They threw out a VA lawsuit based on an easily verifiable fact.

I'd do something like this.   No.  Seriously.

7 Reasons Why the Zombie Apocalypse will fail.  Yea, whatever.  I still want my Zombie Machete.

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  1. Fr Joe Mack6:47 AM

    I enjoy many of your postings, but up among the favorites list is the coffee cup browsing. On that note - maybe we can get a quantity discount on those fine looking blades?

  2. Fr. Joe, I bet we could even get the Pope to bless them!


  3. Only thing I can figure is that it is foolish to wage a war with two fronts, especially when they would require different tactics. Aside from what appears to be a de facto sede vacante strain in certain areas, the SSPX appears to be just fine. Once canonically integrated, they could be left to their own devices and go about the business of saving souls.

    The other front is much more dangerous territory and will be harder to deal with, IMO. I could see where we would want to shore up the easier of the two fronts first.

    Someone said, half-joking, that next the various other bishops have to sign something accepting Trent.