12 September 2011

Coffee Cup Browsing

Records set on B.O.'s watch:  "It’s an unmitigated litany of failure, evidence of economic illiteracy, political incompetence, and ideological extremism."

A chronicle of how the "Religion of Peace" persecutes Christians.

The New Tone. . .now with 75% less civility!

Sigh. . .no disciplinary action against those Protestant ministers pretending to be Catholic priests in Austria.  Wish I could at least feign surprise.

"Barack Obama’s vanity is that he believes he is a world historical event." 

Lefty billionaire Soros claims that 9/11 memorials are really just monuments to anti-Muslim hatred.

Immigrants fleeing across the border to find jobs in a healthier economy. . .Americans moving to Canada.

Contraception --> Divorce --> Abortion --> Gay "Marriage" --> Polygamy --> Pedophilia?  Though Slippery Slopes arguments are logically fallacious, they are not necessarily historically false.

OMG!  I've seen the original at the Vatican Museum. . .wait. . .

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1 comment:

  1. Rather than register an account with bigjournalism.com to make ONE comment on ONE post and receive dozens of hateful replies for doing so, I'd just like to point out that in this article ("Lefty billionaire Soros claims that 9/11 memorials are really just monuments to anti-Muslim hatred"), there's a misinterpretation of a quote.

    The quote: "One of the authors of this Soros-CAP report was interviewed by Al-Jazeera’s Samer Allawi, who is now in custody in Israel facing allegations that he’s a covert agent of Hamas."

    The interpretation by Salvatore (the article of the post): "one of the report’s authors is in custody due to a suspected relationship with Hamas"

    Someone named "Canuck_Grit" pointed this out (sadly, along with asking if this is one of "the Breitbart lies that [people] are always trying to spread"), and the eleven responses showed very little comprehension of the point being made, and were simply ad hominem attacks at the commenter.

    This is what politics does to people. Clearly "politics" and "polite" don't share the same etymological root.