11 July 2011


The friars of the Southern Dominican Province learned this afternoon that our brother, Fr. Ed Everitt, OP was killed in what appears to be a robbery at one of our properties in Waveland, MS.  Fr. Ed was shot twice and died on the scene.  

Fr. Ed has been pastor at Holy Ghost Parish in Hammond, LA for several years now.  He also served as pastor at St. Peter's in Memphis, TN.

Please pray for the repose of his soul and for the consolation of his family, friends, and brother friars.

Updatelocal news report.

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  1. How tragic! I will pray for him and all those who love him, and for the repentance of his murderer.

  2. Eternal Rest grant unto him O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace.


  3. This is my old schools priest. I left holy ghost this year for high school and so much has happened this year in Hammond. He was such a good man we will miss him dearly and knowing him personally has made it all to hard on me and my family. Dear God please accept the prayers of all people who mourn in this tragedy for you have a reason for all things and I will not judge your decisions in your name I pray.Amen

  4. Anonymous10:27 PM

    Father Ed married my husband and me, baptized my children , performed the funeral of my father and friends! , traveled with us in Europe and USA . I loved this man like a father!!!! Rest in peace father Ed!!!! I love you!!!!!!

  5. Fr. Ed was pastor of Our Lady of Pompeii, also. We will all surely miss him. He was a kind, fair, gentle man and we thought highly of him. May God rest his soul amd may God have mercy on the tormented soul that did this.

    Deacon Al Levy, OLPP and family

  6. Catherine Spann10:58 PM

    I did not know Fr. Ed personally, but had heard of his many good works and kindness. I am saddened by this. May God rest his soul.
    Catherine Spann,
    N Ms.Christ the King Church

  7. Fr. Ed was the Greatest. He lead by example and taught all of us what it was to be a genuinely good person! He truly loved to serve in any capacity he could. I had the privilege to serve as his sacristan for over 6 year. I also had the privilege to have him marry my wife and I 3 years ago. He was so excited to hear we are expecting our first child this fall and now he will never know my son. This is a tragedy, a honorable tragedy! ~ Matt Murphy

  8. A Random Friar6:46 AM

    How horrible! Will pray for our brother!

  9. Afriend1:25 PM

    Fr Ed is much loved in Memphis too where he served at St Peters. Encouraging, loving, inspiring, his vision transformed our church physically and spiritually. I will remember his theme that we are all wounded healers. He was a blessing, quite a blessing.