16 July 2011

OP Laity Retreat

Every summer I offer a day-long retreat for the Dallas-area Dominican laity.  And every summer, we have a great time!

This summer, the topic of the retreat will be:  “'Putting Out into the Deep'":  Catholic Laity and the New Evangelization." 

The retreat is open is all. . .come join us!

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  1. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Might you be kind enough to post cliffnotes of the talks for those of us not fortunate enough to be able to attend?

  2. Notes? Why, that would imply that I am well-organized and prepared!!!

  3. Anonymous11:34 PM

    Or you could do a podcast of it. Or you could prepare notes or write them after. Share your brilliance with the world. After all isn't the Dominican motto "Contemplari et contemplata aliis tradere".

  4. Linka here: http://veneremurcernui.wordpress.com/2011/07/18/dominican-lecture-at-ud-catholic-laity-and-the-new-evangelization/

    God willing, I will attend.

    How did it go at Prince of Peace a few weeks ago?

  5. Larry, must've gone OK. . .no one threw a hymnal at me or anything.

  6. Hmm.. perhaps we can cajole you to come down to Houston and present a talk to our OP Laity group.