12 July 2011

Coffee Cup Browsing

Tolerant, freedom-loving Leftists at Chicago book fair vote to ban conservative books by Beck, Palin, etc. . .but not Adolf's Mein Kampf.

The next slippery step on the SSM slope:  Utah man sues for the "right" to have four wives

MD city council bans the Pledge of Allegiance and the Lord's Prayer form council meetings. 

Cultural Marxism and the "long march through the institutions."

What pastors can say to co-habitating couples who want to get married. . .ouch, that's gonna leave a mark!

Ummmm. . .SURPRISE!!!


And one for the guys. . .

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  1. Longenecker's remarks might indicate what one wish they could say.

    But I would hope any person who works for any church would lose a job immediately for saying such things.

    He would do well (as would any interested person) to read the bishops' guidelines on Marriage Prep with Cohabiting Couples. They've been around since 1999. No excuse for any priest or deacon not to be familiar with them.


    Reality is 70% or more of couples who come to the Catholic church to be married are cohabiting. Percentage is lower in some places, higher in others. Gonna slap all of them in the face like Longenecker suggests?

    Very soon you'll have a small church of old people.

  2. Bill, I think the key is HOW these things are said. My guess is that he's just thinking wishfully out loud.

  3. Anonymous11:56 AM

    I wish that there were much more bluntness about the church's teachings. A bucket of ice water is definitely not pleasant, but it is an effective wake-up call. All excessive sensitivity has given us is the Pelosi/Cuomo "anything goes" Catholicism.

    I am curious about #6, the parish's paying the rent for one of them or arranging for another residence. Having been through some tough times, I'm sympathetic to adverse financial situations, but is that really an option for most parishes?

    BTW, if they're also contracepting, you'll still eventually have a small church of old people.

    Memphis, TN

  4. I'm getting tired of people constantly suing for the "right" of this or that.

    Why does no one ever sue for the "left" of this or that.

    It's discriminatory to never want the "left"

    My sad attempt at homour.

    When will people realize that their is a difference between "rights" "freedoms" and "license."

    He doesn't want the "right" to have four wives, he wants the license to have four wives.

    And license is not inalienable, it is a privilege

  5. Gregg the obscure3:49 PM

    How is going from a grave evil to a slightly lesser evil a slippery slope? Isn't that normally reserved for going from a lesser evil to one that's more grave?

  6. Gregg, it's an image not a syllogism. ;-)