21 April 2011

Coffee Cup Browsing

Wealth Redistribution Leftists on campus not so eager to redistribute their hard-earned grade points to needy classmates.  Slimy GPA Capitalists Pigs!

The attack on the Church in Spain continues a pace.  This is the third, fourth, fifth (?) act of vandalism against Catholic churches in Spain this year.

Yes, confessions can be heard during Holy Week. . .even on Good Friday!  It has become Hardened Tradition among priests of a certain generation to argue that Church rules forbid the celebration of confession during Holy Week.  This is false.

Ouch!  S.N.A.P. is fed some of its own bitter soup after one of its shrinks goes to jail for possessing child porn.  S.N.A.P. started out with a righteous cause.  Now its all about the $$$ and the publicity.

Hilarious. . .for philosophy geeks, that is.  Jeff, you need one more for the Dominican adage "never deny, rarely affirm, always distinguish."  Maybe something like Madonna's "V" for vogue to signal a need for a distinction.  :-)

As predictable as Easter and the start of summer:  "(Insert name of vacuous pop-star) outrages Catholics during Holy Week."

Good question for Fr. Tom Reese, SJ:  if the Church must radically alter her doctrines b/c of membership losses, must the Jesuits do the same?

Professor of Dogmatic Theology at Catholic university sends email:  "F@#$% Democrats!"  He's not fired.  Oh, wait. . .

A necessity for Easter Sunday Mass. . .(ducks and runs)

The Original Annoying Vegan. . .

There was a priest at yesterday's Chrism Mass sporting this hair-do.

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  1. Fr. Shane Tharp9:52 AM

    Re: Jesuits and change of doctrine...
    Clearly we must follow the good Jesuit's advice. That practice has led to their houses of formation to be filled to overflowing.

  2. James Maney3:09 PM

    In the interest of full disclosure and fair comparison, what are the membership totals for US Dominicans for the same dates as cited for the Jesuits? I honestly have no idea how they compare, but all religious orders have had large losses since the mid 1960's.

  3. James, OP friars worldwide number about 3,000. It's true that all Orders have lost members. . .but not all Orders have prominent members harassing the Church to radically alter doctrine in order to stem the loss of membership.

  4. Anonymous4:17 PM

    OP friars worldwide number over 6,000.