17 April 2011

Coffee Bowl Browsing

Q:  Father, where have you been the last few days???  A:  My doctor doubled one of my BP meds and it made me a bit lethargic.  Actually, it almost zombified me!  I'm adjusting. . .

Koran-burning is condemned; Bible-burning is required.

Useless U.N. scrubs eco-disaster predictions from its website. . .

The Oh-So-Tolerant Left in Madison, WI. . .CAUTION:  obscene language!  Apparently, folks, this is what democracy looks like.  More like mob-rule.

Nanny State nannies targeting gripers in airport security lines.  I hope they never learn to read minds. . .I'll be in some serious trouble!

B.O. to Catholics, "You are the enemy."

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  1. One of my BP meds made me feel as if I had just gotten arthritis in every joint of my body. Luckily, the symptoms faded relatively quickly.

    Don't you just love getting old?

  2. The article about Koran v. Bible burning misses a critical point. Those burning the Koran do so to treat it with contempt. Those Bibles that were burned were not intended for US soldiers. They were written in Afghan languages. Those who sent them hoped that soldiers would use their position to engage in missionary work. This is explicitly forbidden by General Order 1. They were thus destroyed in the same reverent manner that worn US flags are destroyed.