22 April 2011

Coffee Bowl Browsing

Obamasaurus Rex. . ."artists, academics, and self-described intellectuals have self-selected themselves into an almost parallel universe of leftist chic and wishful thinking."  And B.O. is their fossilized god.

And if you need evidence of the leftist academic fantasy-world, check out this report on a recent conference of college composition teachers.  This is the Marxist-feminist B.S. we were force-fed when I was a grad student instructor way back in 1987. . .24 yrs ago!!!  They are obviously suffering from a fatal case of Epistemic Closure.

Well, this is embarrassing.  I could only watch about three seconds of the thirteen second pause.  NB. fast forward to 1:30.

The Anchoress has the links for all your Holy Thursday/Good Friday needs!

Why has radical eco-evangelism failed in spreading its gospel message?  My guess is that they fudged the numbers; hyped false causes of the problem; offered only expensive, bureaucrat-heavy top-down solutions; and came across as Dirty Hippies Hell Bent on Saving Us from Ourselves.  Oh, and the quasi-religious tone of their campaign didn't help either.

This pic has no caption.  Nor should it.

Ninja Squirrel OD'ed on the coffee again.  Bad, Ninja Squirrel, bad.

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  1. Anonymous7:34 PM

    Eco-evangelism has probably also failed because the LCWR-type convent groups seem to have been inspirers and leaders of the Movement, and anybody with any sense ignores any and all campaigns that have the vapid dinosaur LCWR label attached to it in any way. Of course, with these Sisters, the "evangelism" part of the term was incorrect anyway. They have nothing to do with any true religious movement; it is all politics and navel-gazing and whatever else they did in the 60s.

  2. The Teddy Roosevelt image - my new background screen!