04 March 2011

A surprising #2 for H.A.'s audience

Lots of excellent guesses. . .the U.K., Canada, and India are in the top five audiences for HancAquam.

But HancAquam's second largest audience can be found in. . .
[Drum roll]


I have no idea why.  The google stat counter for blogger indicates that about 25% of HA's audience is in Romania.  

Go figure.

Vă mulţumesc pentru cititorii mei din România!

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1 comment:

  1. That's not every day, every time. Did you ask for one specific time? Overall?

    This happens on my blog as well. Countries I didn't even know existed will flood by stats.

    Most disconcerting is some kind of semi heretical group that keep referencing might site. It seems that I wrote about fr. McGlynn OP who sculpted the statue for Fatima. It's not the traveling statue that everyone recognizes as Fatima. McGlynn's statue is at the entrance of the shrine. Somehow this group uses this fact to prove that the whole apparition is a scam.

    Another sad statistic is that my next popular post is A prayer to find a job. Sobering!

    You have to wonder if we bloggers are spreading the Word or what.