04 March 2011

Coffee Cup Browsing

Madison mayor caught trying to conspire with WI's Sec. of State to stall the governor's budget until city employees got a new sweetheart contract signed. 

The difference btw collective bargaining in the public and private sectors.  Private sector unions don't get to elect who sits on the other side of the table in negotiations.

Political artist is punished for his outrageous stances on current issues.

The FL federal judge who declared ObamaCare unconstitutional orders B.O. to appeal his ruling in seven days.  B.O. should've listened to the ageless wisdom of the Greek,s "Be careful what you ask of the gods.  You might get it."

The World's Top Ten Gaddafi Toads.  I think he forgot one.  A big One.

Liturgical abuse weakens the faith. . .I couldn't agree more!  We believe what we pray and pray what we believe.

The lovely and talented Anna Arco of the UK's Catholic Herald urges readers not to wipe off the Ash Wednesday smudge.  Long-time HA readers know my stance on this issue.  Jesus said, "Wash your face!"  However, this ain't a hill I'm willing to die on.

Why do we need a new translation of the Missal?  Hint:  it's the difference btw formal equivalence and dynamic equivalence (i.e., paraphrasing).

A new and improved NAB?  If I could change one thing about our liturgical practice it would be to replace the NAB Lectionary with the Revised Standard Version published by Ignatius Press.

U.S. Marines are always polite.

I can fix that!  Redneck solutions for everyday problems.

Husband down! Husband down!

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  1. The "equivalence" in "dynamic equivalence" is a misnomer. Frequently what you get with "dynamic equivalence" is not a translation at all, but something totally other than the original. Quite honestly, it amounts to deconstructionism.

  2. Thanks lots for the the link to my post on fix it stuff. Fifty of your audience members visited the page on my site through that link. Just thought you might like to know:)

    Susan :)