03 March 2011

Coffee Bowl Browsing (Humor Edition)

Nazi break dancing. . .they even have parachute pants.

Fear the green gelatinous invader from space. . .fear it, I say!

Face swap pics. . .these things are beyond creepy.

Sadly, this is probably true. . .the part about the coffee, I mean. . .not that other part.  Ahem.

Top jokes from around the world. . .my fav is from Belgium.  Says a lot, uh?

What love means, according to 4-8 y.o.'s.  Ahhhhhhhh. . .

A new and improved traffic light.  This is a fantastic idea.

A closer (much closer) look at everyday objects. . .freaky, dude.

Great quotes. . ."Some mornings, it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps."  Emo Phillips

Goat says, "Hi."

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