09 March 2011

Lenten Reparations

A suggestion for you Lenten penance. . .

Offer your Lenten sacrifices in reparation for the horrific damage done by the priests and bishops who abused children and covered-up the abuse. 

I believe that the Church is on the cusp of a revival and that this revival will be brought about by the willingness of God's people to do penance for the sacrilege committed against those in most need of our protection. 

With the corrected translation of the Roman Missal on the way and hundreds of up and coming, faithful, young seminarians, religious, and priests, we are poised to exorcise the zeitgeist from the Church.  I'm not talking about a Rad Trad revolution, but rather a return to the simple, noble faith of the apostles and the reverent celebration of the Church's sacraments. 

As a Body, if any one of us is sick, all of us are sick.  Penance and sacrifice for the sins of the few can bring us all to better health.

Fr. Philip Neri, OP

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  1. This is a great idea! I also think the general mentality of covering up things instead of being willing to work together with someone to tackle the issue at hand is part of the problem, too. Well, I've experienced it at one of the best conservative Catholic universities in the country. I think sweeping situations/problems under the rug to make a university look as good as possible has got to stop. There needs to be thought given to everyone's well being and not just the particular college and it's staff's well being. The past few years I have been on a path of forgiveness, spiritual renewal, and renewal in the Catholic faith but I still struggle. God Bless.

  2. You Favorite Intern ~ Loreena11:10 AM

    I was reading this article and I thought about that time you had an argument with bethany in the office about this same subject, although it differs a little :)


  3. Excellent suggestion, Father. I'm going to start doing this right away.

  4. We are poised to exorcise the zeitgeist from the Church.

    That lame 70's zeitgeist sent out unCatholic vibes to many parishes and needs to be found, impaled and then burnt. And then cremated. And then buried. And then blown up. Count me in to make reparations.

  5. Inspiring post..thankyou.

  6. Anonymous5:16 AM

    Father, we live in an age where it can be social suicide to go outside the lines of public opinion, but I have a contrary opinion that I must voice anonymously, at least. I believe there really was very little cover up by priests and bishops of sexual abuse situations in the past. Please let's not perpetuate that myth which enemies of the Church have so successfully established. Truly, truly, truly, priests and bishops were following the conventional wisdom of the time - suggested by the experts at the time - in dealing with these cases. We now know that most of that advice was incorrect and outrageous and irreparable harm resulted from this (and also, occasionally some truly bad calls were made). But basically, in complete ignorance of how widespread this issue was and relying on whatever experts they could muster up at the time, bishops tried to respond to these harmful situations as effectively as possible while understandably also trying to proect the good and holy image of the priesthood and the Church. Any why should't they have done so? It was their job to protect the Church's image - they were its leaders as you know and they knew how harmful a wrecked reputation would do to the Churchs efficacy in the world. Consider, after all, the crippling effect the public scandal has now had on the Church's public image and ability to influence public opinion and serve human misery. Quite often when things came to light it was because parents had become aware of them and so discussions included those parents, of course. If by cover up, one means that the law was not informed, then you have a point, but that hardly constitutes a cover up. I just think it better that people of faith start using more refined language about this situation. No one alive will ever see a Catholic Church in western society that can hold its head up in public again, but let's try to set the record as straight as possible.

  7. Father,

    I hope that you are correct. In my bones, I can feel that God wants the Catholic Church to revive itself. The body of the Church has grown complacent, but I think that time is coming to an end. Let's pray that it does! :)

    Very nice post!