10 March 2011

Classes on the Nicene Creed at St. Joseph's

Today I will begin a series of classes on the Nicene Creed titled, "Credo:  Understanding the Creed."  We will begin with a history of the Creed and move through the text line by line over the  course of the Lenten season.

This is the first set of classes I will be offering here at St Joseph's Church, Ponchatula in preparation for the introduction of the corrected translation of the Roman Missal.

As you know, one of the corrections in the new Missal changes the Creed to read "I believe" instead of "We believe."  Since the recitation of the Creed will now be much more personal, it is imperative that Catholics come to a better understanding of what it is they are affirming about their faith.

Classes will be held on Thursdays from March 10th through April 14th at 10.00am and 7.00pm in the parish chapel.  The morning and evening classes cover the same material, so you need only attend one or the other to keep up.

For my talks, I'm consulting Pope Benedict XVI's book, Credo for Today:  What Christians Believe.

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  1. If it is at all helpful to you, Fr. Philip, here is my catechesis on the Apostles' and Nicene Creeds from Praying the Mass: The Prayers of the People.

    (It took a bit of research to find someone -- it was St. Hilary of Poitiers -- who could explain the phrase "Light from Light" in the Nicene Creed!)

  2. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Are you going to post anything here for your Romanian fans and those others of us who can't get to Louisiana? Or do you want to impose an NFL-style blackout to ensure good attendance? Or even, you will as soon as each day switches to 27 hours?


  3. I think a series starting with the shift to "I believe" is a great idea!