08 March 2011

Coffee Bowl Browsing

NPR exec caught on video admitting that public broadcasting would be better off w/o your tax dollars.  Oh, he also calls Republicans racist and xenophobic.  NB.  He thinks he's meeting with potential donors from a Muslim Brotherhood front group.

Meanwhile, another NPR exec denies accusations that NPR has a leftist bias.  Apparently, she didn't get the memo.  

The One. . .and the not so many:  paltry number of high schools invite B.O. to give their graduation speech.  They should just invite his teleprompter. . .it does all the work anyway.

The Fleebaggers' Head Flee wants to meet with the GOP at that WI-IL border.  The GOP responds.  Hilarious.

". . .many of the smartest and best educated people in this country are so blinkered and blinded by the assumptions and values of the blue social model that they simply cannot think outside the box."  

Georgetown University Medical Center (a "Catholic" hospital) starves a woman to death while her family watches.   Um, does Cardinal Wuerl know about this?

Is it legal for a church/parish to impose a mandatory monthly donation in exchange for access to that parish's liturgies?  I'm have no idea whether or not this is legal under secular law. . .I'm absolutely sure that it would never be legal under RC canon law.

The LA Times drops a bomb on the Archdiocese of L.A. on the first day of the new archbishop's administration.    One wonders why the lefty LAT waited until yesterday to drop this bomb.  It couldn't be b/c Archbishop Gomez is considered too conservative for L.A. 

The inevitable demise of Anglicanism:  communion for the unbaptized.  Why not?  They've pretty much abandoned every other apostolic teaching.

The Duck watches you. . .oh, yes, he does.

And so do all of his feline co-conspirators.

And the dog is just. . .well, the dog is the dog.

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  1. GirlCanChant5:16 PM

    Psst, Father, I think your duck is actually a goose.

  2. something about that Rwanda woman's story is missing here. You don't need to be in a hospital to have and care for a feeding tube. and pulling a feeding tube if someone IS in the hospital does not necessarily mean they will become dehydrated, unless they don't have an IV...in which case they shouldn't be in the hosp....whole thing sounds fishy from start to finish.