03 February 2011

UFO Over Jerusalem. . .Comments by Mississippian (UPDATED)

Very strange indeed. . .

A ball of light descends on the Dome of the Rock, hovers for a few seconds, and then shoots up into the sky and disappears.

NB.  The woman who says, "We see these things all the time in Mississippi. . ."  Now, that's a southern drawl if I've ever heard one.  And I have.

I'm going to follow this story to see if there's a plausible explanation. . .I mean, other than the presence of an angel over Jerusalem.

UPDATE:  Mark Shea links to the HowStuffWorks site that claims the vid is a hoax.  It probably is. But there is a tendency among some to dismiss the possibility of the supernatural simply b/c allegedly supernatural events can be duplicated technologically.  That an event can be duplicated technologically doesn't mean that the original event was itself technologically produced.

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1 comment:

  1. Here is the answer to your question, Father...

    Part 1


    Of particular interest to you will be at 6:15 mins.

    Part 2