03 February 2011

More underage girls, more pimps, & Planned Parenthood

Taking their cue from the guys who brought down ACORN, the LiveAction crew is dribbling out their undercover vids over a long news cycle.

This serves several good purposes:  1). It gives P.P. and their leftist apologists in the media time to coordinate a response before releasing the next vid that shows them to be liars; 2). it keeps the scandal in the news over a long stretch of time, making it difficult for the apologists to bury the story; 3). it increases the sense that the problem is not simply a "one and done" deal but a systemic problem. . .which it is.

We've already seen P.P., NPR, CBS, and several other media outlets trying to downplay the vids or undermine their credibility.  The narrative they are spinning--it's all just the work of one out of control branch manager in NJ--can't stick now that a second vid has been released out of VA.  

Now we wait for P.P., NPR, etc. to spin the VA vid and then the next dribble from LiveAction that exposes their lies. 

God bless Lila Rose and her fearless crew! 

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1 comment:

  1. just_a_dre9:05 PM

    Father... I don't mean this to sound like an attack. I'm sincere. What are your thoughts on the claim that Lila's and LiveAction's actions were immoral? "Lying is always a sin."

    There's a lot of chatter going on over here, prolly worth a read: http://newtheologicalmovement.blogspot.com/2011/02/it-is-sin-to-lie-even-to-planned.html?spref=fb