01 February 2011

Pimps, Abortions, and Planned Parenthood (UPDATED)

Tax-payer funded abortion provider Planned "Parenthood" is caught giving advice to a pimp about how he can acquire abortions for his underage prostitutes.

Why are these people still in business?

Special note to pimps:  Planned Parenthood gives you a discount for your underage girls!

Update:  Apparently, P.P. reported to the Feds that someone was trying to obtain abortions for underage prostitutes in their clinics.   Presumably, this "someone" was the Live Action operatives.  The clinic worker in the video has been fired by P.P. 

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  1. sortacatholic7:36 PM

    Thanks for posting this Father. Keep spreading the word against the evil P. "Depraved" doesn't even begin to describe this.

    I have family that work in (moral and life giving) healthcare for with lower-income and immigrant communities. I will be sure to show them this video and liveaction.org.

  2. No surprise. Ever see Maafa 21, about the connection between the abortion industry and eugenics? The guy that made it called around to various Planned Parenthood outfits and told them he wanted to make donations for the express purpose of aborting black babies; they explained to him that he could absolutely earmark donations for that purpose.

  3. A few years ago there was a big brouhaha about fish and amphibians becoming "feminized". Industrial pollution to global warming became the likely culprit. When the evidence pointed to female hormones being released into the water as a result of birth control pill use the alarmists suddenly went silent. When the case of Casey vs Planned Parenthood came up, then Justice O'Connor's rationale for voting for abortion was that we had become too dependent on abortion as "last resort" birth control. Damn the evidence, to these people sex without frontiers is a religion and no matter what kind of evidence of malfeasance comes out they will not care.