27 February 2011

Mass Discombobulations (UPDATED)

For some reason, I had a hard time keeping things organized at Mass this morning.

First, the pages of my homily got mixed up. . .even though I had numbered them.  I had numbered them incorrectly.

Second, instead of reading the concluding prayer for the intercessions, I read one of the prayers we had just prayed.

Third, at the Offertory, I accidentally pulled out the ribbon in the Missal that marked the proper prayers for the 8th Sunday in OT.  Took me a while to find my place.

Fourth, I reversed the order of two of the prayers in the Offertory.

Finally, at the announcements, I informed the congregation that Ash Wednesday services would be on Friday, March 9th.  The director of the choir piped up and corrected me.  I re-read the announcement. . .making the same mistake again.  When I finally got it right, the congregation gave me a round of applause!

Here's to getting it right at the 5.00pm Mass. 

UPDATE:  except for almost drowning in my own sweat, the 5.00pm went off without a hitch.  

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  1. What is it a full moon? We were discombobulated this AM, too. After, as Lector, I read the Intercessory Prayers, the Mass celebrant, instead of going to the altar, went to ambo, and looked at the paper I just read from.
    I thought I had read the wrong name. You see this priest sticks a "post-it" on the altar of the person he is saying Mass for.
    Then during prayers where we say "forgive us our failings..." I could have sworn he looked at me meaningfully. I thought for sure I had messed up.
    After Mass, I looked at the Intercessory Prayers I read. I read them correctly. The name on his paper belonged to a different Mass.
    And looking at the Masses again, an extra Mass was added to the schedule that we had discontinued a couple of years ago.
    Who knew what was what?

  2. Every priest has a day like that, I'm sure. Too bad you couldn't blame it on Conclave the night before.