02 June 2010

More Rome pics

 The Angelicum's courtyard. . .the trees on the right are orange trees.

The Angelicum's backyard. . .which is really an orchard:  orange, lemon, apple, pear, etc.


  1. Fr. Philip, warm greetings to you in Jesus, Off topic and fyi, I have disabled and will eventually delete the blog 'aspiring f.o.o.L., a woman at the well' - a tough decision. In the meantime and unfortunately, the message reading that the blog is "open to invited readers only" is misleading. It's not at all a question of invitation. I'll continue visits here though... In prayer for you, aspiring...

  2. Anonymous6:14 PM

    Che bellissima Roma! I'd find all that beauty really distracting if I were studying there. Someday, God willing, I'll see it for myself! Thank you, Father, for sharing these beautiful shots!

  3. Beautiful pics! Please keep posting them.
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    Pax Christi,