03 June 2010

Yet more pics

Proof that I can clean my desk!

(NB.  This pic has been up for almost 12 hrs and I've not rec'd one appreciative comment from Scuba Becky, MightyMom, or my Lovely English Lady Friend!  What's a friar gotta do?  Mop the floor?!!)

University building for deans' offices and classrooms. 

Two Angelicum students heading off to take exams. . .


  1. I enjoy seeing these photos. Captions help.

    Is the Angelicum open to lay students? Are the classes conducted in English?

  2. Kathleen10:10 AM

    What's the wallpaper on your laptop? It looks like a fish?

  3. Ruth Ann,

    Oh yes...lots of lay students here. The entire theology program can be completed in English. The undergrad philosophy program can be done in English.

  4. oh wow. I'm just speechless! I just don't know WHAT to say about all that SPACE on your desk.....


    I gotta ask.....

    do you know where all your papers are now???


  5. I was so impressed by the tidiness of your desk that I was rendered incapable of comment!
    Is there any possibility of the dust bunnies taking on extra work in the Piazza Dei Servili?
    I wonder if there are any courses at the Angelicum I could study? Might be more interesting than Italian For Beginners!

  6. Muriel, the Angelicum is the only univ in the world that offers degrees in spiritual theology in the Thomistic tradition. Most "spirituality" degrees these days are little more than pop-psych, smiley-babble with lots of P.C. identity politics thrown in for the sake of funding grants.

    Check out the website: http://www.angelicum.org/