04 June 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

Israelis are damned by the Left. . .no matter what they do.  So, they should ignore the predictable whining and moral equivocating and protect themselves. 

Why is planning for the pope's trip to the U.K. in Sept in such a mess?  Could it be that the "Spirit of Vatican Two Peace Bong Hipsters" the bishops' conference has running the show would rather the Ole Geezer just stay in Rome?

Oops. . .Elena Kagan's paper trail is exposing her to be anything but the Judicial Blank Slate B.O. is presenting her to be. 

Is it legal to videotape police officers while they are doing their job?  Yes, it is.  Just don't let your film making interfere with an arrest.  I think good cops would welcome the scrutiny b/c it helps them keep their depts. clean.

Climate Science's Bad Rep". . .climate science is facing reputational meltdown similar to the Roman Catholic church's over allegations of child abuse and the British parliament's following the scandal over MPs' expenses."  Sorry.  Not buying the comparisons.  First, Catholics have always freely confessed that we are limited beings constantly struggling with sin and failure.  Second,  everyone expects politicians to be money-grubbing ego-maniacs.  However, Global Warming Cultists have been anything but humble in their preaching and unexpectedly greedy for tax dollars. 

More Legal Firearms = Less Violent Crime. . .so says the FBI

Unpacking and debunking some of the persistent myths dramatized in the new film, Agora.   I've seen the movie and it is exactly what we've come to expect from contemporary pagan portrayals of Christians in history.  Christians are anti-intellectual, anti-art/music, anti-science, anti-female, blahblahblah. 

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  1. most officers are taped by the little cameras in their cars.....because as you said it helps them...as well as protects them