28 August 2010

Updates, news

Cooking burgers and fries for the brothers tonight!  Also, a low-calorie, fat-free bread pudding (BAWAHAHAHAHA!!!!).  Seriously, my bread pudding starts with a stick of butter. . .to grease the pan.  (Update:  the burgers were good. . .the pudding was OK. . .baking with ingredients you're not used to can be tricky)

My pants. . .errrrr. . .trousers came in the mail yesterday.  Surprisingly, they fit. . .at least they do now.

I've been on another insomnia jag these last two nights.  Up at 2.30am.  Good time to do laundry, I guess.

Studying French. . .from afar.  It's really kinda pretty from this distance.

Please pray for the friars meeting in Rome for the Elective Chapter.  They will elect a new Master of the Order.  I'm rooting for an American. . .but betting on an European.

I've added a few new poetry books to the WISH LIST.  Philosophy/theology all the time makes Friar Philip a very dull preacher. (NB.  I've added the poetry books from Book Depository, so there is no shipping charge.)

When I ordered the meat for tonight's burgers over the phone, I had to repeat myself a few times.  The priory's Scottish cook laughed at me and said, "Speak English!"

I gave fra. Lawrence Lew a chuckle in the sacristy yesterday.  We wear these cumbersome albs overs our habits to con-celebrate Mass.  When I pulled the thing down over my head the back of the hood was facing forward.  So, there I was with the my face covered and getting a little peeved.  
All is well here in Oxford. . .sunny days with 66 degree temps.  Lovely.

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  1. Re the general chapter in Rome: my own chapter and I are praying for the victory of unalloyed Catholicity and orthodoxy, particularly in the election of the new Master General. Imple, Pater, quod dixisti, nos tuis iuvans precibus.

  2. Anonymous8:59 PM

    bread pudding....mmmmm....carbs and fat. nothing but.

  3. you?? peeved??? nevah!!

    bread pudding...yummmm!!! what ingredients did you use that you hadn't before?

    I'll believe just about anything from a group of people who live without cornmeal! ;-)