27 August 2010

Tea Mug Browsing

U.D. students will be happy to know this:  Odysseus was real!

If you live in the U.K., make sure your doctor is a believer. . .that is, if Nanny allows you to choose your doctor.

How expansive court interpretations of the Commerce Clause are destroying the republic.

CCHD is under some pretty close scrutiny. . .might be time to contact your bishop and let him know that your donations to the Church should not be going to support radical leftist political organizations.

How to [Effectively] Repeal the First Amendment. . .hint:  use "codes of professional ethics" to push for "diversity" and "equality" and then punish anyone who disagrees with your definition of these two vague terms.

Once again:  B.O. is NOT a Muslim.  Why does this question persist?  Obvious answer:  his political opponents see it as a way to smear him.  Less obvious:  B.O.'s political base is mostly anti-Christian/anti-religious, so he doesn't play up the fact that he is a Christian.

Religious joke from Emo Phillips.

Melville's Bartleby the Scrivener in less than ten seconds.

The Seven Deadly Sins graph. . .as if you really need these charted, right?

Bury her in Israel?!  Why take the chance. . .?

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  1. maryclare7:20 AM

    Is the tea mug browsing in deference to the fact that you are in Dear Old Blighty?! I like that!
    Regards maryclare :-)

  2. Mary Clare, of course! :-)

  3. I wish that BO were Muslim, at last we'd have a believer in the White House. Everyone knows that his religion is Socialism, including its required atheism.

  4. Might just be me, but I see B.O. as a post-religious quasi-intellectual is is only as religious as he needs to be as per Machiavelli. But that's me.

  5. Love that Bartleby!!!! Highly accurate, amazingly enough.

  6. Tea Mug Browsing? How about Ale Pint Browsing!!!

    Seriously now, I have been giving some thought about Obama's religion and, come to think of it, his understanding who Christ is comes very close to what the Muslims believe (good man, teacher, prophet, etc. but not God). However, I still think he is a secularist marxist.