29 August 2010

Tea Mug Browsing

Putting to rest the meme that the MSM has no liberal bias:  88% of network execs and personalities give to the Democrats.

Your native tongue shapes how you think. . .I didn't know that this was ever controversial.

On why America's elites fear the Unwashed Masses:  oikophobia.  As a fully recovered oikophobe, I can attest to the power of this fear. . .it's pervasive in the academy and in some portions of the Church. (Link fixed)

Drink 'til you drop!  Weight loss and the most common beverage available.

Speaking of weight loss, Mark "The Beard" Shea proposes a new movement for us fatties:  I Am Jolly!  I will no longer tolerate being called "obese" or "overweight."  From now on the P.C. term for us larger citizens is "gravitationally enhanced."

Europe's population bust.  This is what happens when we listen to Nanny State know-it-all's. 

Is kneeling to receive communion against Church law in the U.S.?  Short answer:  No.  The norm for reception is standing, but "norm" simply means "the normal way to do it" not "the only way it may be done."  The most common objection to kneeling is that it raises safety issues--someone behind you could trip.  I celebrated four or five Masses a week for three years at U.D.  Many people knelt to receive.  Not once did anyone trip.  NB.  you may NOT be refused communion if you kneel.

Cute pic of the day. . .awwwwwwwww.

Goth Zombie has a little fun

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  1. Hey Fr. Philip, do you think in different languages? I do sometimes, or at least my thought tries to seek expression in a different language.

  2. Gregg the obscure1:43 PM

    The oikophobia link actually goes to the NYT language story.

    The contraception piece is one of the best you've linked. The western world's intergenerational genocide dwarfs the social and cultural "evils" that the oikophobe is eager to point out.

  3. Gregg, thanks...the link is fixed!

  4. The advice column written by a man has an obvious fault, i.e. believing your typical woman has the mechanical know how & ability to effectively troubleshoot an automobile engine. In my experience, too many are ready to buy "halogen fluid" for the headlights (my wife is an exception).

    IMO he should encourage her to enroll in AAA, they'd have towed the car to an auto shop, she could've had it repaired and running in time for her husband to use it.

    Men appreciate that sort of independence.

  5. Anonymous5:44 PM

    I have long concluded that a language is a cultural product. As a Brazilian, I understand that only Anglo-saxon feminists can object to male pronouns as generic ones. Since you speak Italian, you have probably become used by now that although the word "uomo" ("man" in Italian) is used to refer to all members of the human race, while the word "umanita" ("humanity" in Italian) is a a "female" word, in a sort of equal opportunity "gender" in words.

    On kneeling, do correct me if I believe that this is actually the norm in the universal Church, with standing being an exception granted to countries that request it, much like receiving the Host on the tongue being the norm and on the hand an exception.

  6. NB. the opinions expressed in this combox do not necessarily represent the opinions of the management. . .especially if those opinions are expressed by Subvet. ;-)

    P3, I sometimes find myself blurting out something in Italian in a moment of surprise. . .without really thinking about it. When I lived in China, I often dreamed in Chinese...or what I thought was Chinese.

  7. I dream in much better Italian than I speak in real life!