01 September 2010

Pope to beatify Newman on the bridge of the Enterprise

Folks, this is what the Holy Father will be confronted with when he beatifies John Cardinal Newman here in the U.K. . .

Fortunately, I have the perfect solution:  dynamite it, plow the site under, and salt the earth. 


Comment from kab63 on Fr. Z's site:  "It’s a horrible mix of bouncy castle and airplane hangar."  LOL!

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  1. Whoa, how 60s. LOL. At least it isn't permanent (is it?) like the Cathedral in Los Angeles here in the States.

    I didn't know Cardinal Newman is to be beatified, that is truly good news!!!!! I hope it does much to promote his writings, which are wonderful.

  2. fragranceofgod1:18 PM

    Looks fine to me. From a Visually Impaired point of view at least.

  3. Eh, I've seen worse. At least they're planning to have a real crucifix!

  4. Why is it that the planners for these papal trips are hell-bent on embarassing the Holy Father?

  5. Who picked the design? Does that person know the Pope's taste?